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Thursday, October 25, 2007

news of the bent

  1. Sabine has to get a 2nd mammogram next tuesday. mammo gram. it's probably just a mis-read on the first, but

    they called back because of "irregularities" or "abnormal normalites" or some such shit. yeah ... that's awesome, thanks for calling and not describing anything and giving THE BLOODY WHOLE WEEKEND TO WORRY ABOUT IT!!!

    a pebble toss of years ago, she had a DVT before her big surf city event. that she had worked so hard for.

    yesterday she had her c-thatcantbespokenof-oscopy.

    no fukking way.

    she is ... tough.

  2. Open apology:

    for the emails unreplied.
    for the minutes delayed.
    for the dishes not done.
    for 'no dime to spare,' said.

  3. Work ... there seems an awful lot of work lately.

  4. Surf City - the race is going to be awesome. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD:

    - no being a jag-off. don't ride like a jag-off, don't race like a jag-off ... only good times tolerated at Surf City this year.

    - tent set up - if you want to put your tent somewhere special, get there bloody early. But, even if you show up late and want to set up close with all the action - just grab somebody with a radio. You'll likely be able to spot me ... i'll be ... uh, colorfully dressed and should be able to help you find a spot, or putting you in contact with somebody better at it then me.

    - warmup - do it with style and class please. don't ride close to anyone who's racing. Give them space. and if that means you can't ride as fast as you want ... too bad. Because we're putting THIS CREW in charge of Rules of Cool security.

    and they're hungry for malfeasance.

    - CLEAN UP - we'll have a shitload of plastic bags for trash in the venue area. Use them. If you don't see one, grab me and i'll pull one out of the happy bag. We're riding on rented HIGH SCHOOL PROPERTY ... so, let's treat it accordingly.

    ... well, let's treat it like we're supposed to now, not like we did back then. stupid youth.

    - Parking - wherever down below in the lower lots, seen as you first enter the school. It's a small walk from anywhere out there, all you do is go up the hill and your at the center of the venue almost. So, chill about parking wherever you like and then just walk your stuff up. If you want to do a drop of a wagon full, just please do so in the chillest, safest way possible.

    the rule is ... don't be a jag-off.

later folks. i'll be seriously off-line for a bit - so if there's something important you need from me, send email and apologies for the absenses.


GuardianAngel named Lou said...

I think I remember those cats doin security at Altamont in '69. Bad scene man,bad vibes, far out.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Big muahs to Sabine...waiting for results like that are just no fun.

And enjoy the hell out of the weekend, 'cause it's no use worrying about stuff that you hasn't yet happened.

lauren said...

2nd mammogram - if she's nervous have her ask for a sonogram as well.

they can do in 5 minutes at the same appt and with both can see better.

although, if they're ONLY having her come in for another mammogram and don't have her scheduled for a sonogram as well, then it IS probably just a mis-read.

usually if there's a problem with one, they'll have you do the other as well.

they're so good at making you wait and fret.

but a good weekend to keep her mind busy!

marscat said...

and maybe have a little talk with that perv mammo tech while she's there....

Ippoc Amic said...

the pasty is to blame

marscat said...

oh yes, and from my 7 years at the Breast Health Center...they call women back frequently...happens all the time. The Radiologist (who normally sits and reads about 150 sets of film in one go) will ask for more views for lots of reasons...very common.

at my place they called the follow-up a comprehensive exam.

Brent said...

are sabine and I related?
Damn. i swear i have the same issues with doctors...

Seems to be common phone call:
"you have an irregularity in the test results.. we need to see you again.. Soon!"

Good luck smurf skiddy crew. :)
Take lots of pictures.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

uh, white or red??

never mind, both...

Liz Hatch said...

Kick that mammogram's ass, Sabine!!!