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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

it drips off my tongue so sweet

Santa Rosa Crit

This is a downtown affair that is ALWAYS hot and humid and a complete sufferfest. For me, it's a much harder heat to handle than that central valley dry heat. Santa Rosa seems to make me pinata more than any other place. Smog, redneck gunracks and furnaced road i can handle, it's just like home. But microwaved boilers in the north bay? ... they kill.

Well, i didn't get to see any of the racing out there this year, but i sho'nuff was psyched to hear that Patella won it with some style. Yeah, she's a bit of a saucy dish that can whip out the trash talk about 12 times better then her boy, RKillit ... but, that's not a bad thing, in my book. Good win for the VAC chicks. This could be a good summer for them. I think they'll do well even though they've been racing full-guns from February on.

More tough girls.

And ~ speaking of trash talk, the only thing i'd heard about the boy's prosey race in Santa Rosa was reading some shittalk from that prettyboy of a yester-decade superstar, Disco-Geezer McKinley.

"The race had moments of fastness but I was shocked more by the moments of slowness. At the risk of sounding like an old fart, I can't recall any flat dreamer crit EVER dropping below 24mph, especially with $2500 on the line, but this one did."

bwaahahaa ... takin' the belt to the youngsters like only an old Dreamer can.

i just love that kind of sass.

Anyway ...

apparently young Uthman of the local NorCal RhVillians squad and grizzle-me-Sacto-Sayers (BMC yayhoo) were off late in a break and there may or may not have been agreements on who was fried and who would or wouldn't sprint.

whatever ~

the point is ... when you've been at the top of the domestic doggie-pile for a decade, you don't need to go yelling and douche'ing out on the kid if he sprints you and you think he shouldn't have.

act with some fukking class. yeah, be pissed about it if the kid stabbed you one. Be pissed and go up and tell him what he did wrong and learn him a thing 'or two about bike riding as you see it - but don't holler and squeal about like a stuck pig in public, which apparently is what reports have saying he did. that's just embarrasing.

But, maybe they're all wrong and maybe Sayers was all pro about it and didn't go all bitchy mcMoaner in front of everyone about losing a crit to a kid who just started seeing pubes a few months ago.

... ryyyhhhhte.


gawd, i loves me some shittalk.


Jeremy T. Arnold said...

Beware The Havoc.

Nome Agusta said...

Yo, get them Bag Boyz a typing some entries dude. The EMC/Vellum crit is paying at the bucks if the reg list makes it. The more bodies, the more mulla paid back.

If your not showing for the $$$, then show up to ride the smoothest and fastest pristine asphalt ever seen. The city repaved our whole course, were not talking slurry seal, I mean a complete new lift. They are letting us close the course proper too. BIG WIDE FAST TURNS!!! Savvy?

Anonymous said...

If I were Sayers, I'd be more upset about the team not promoting its riders. Its like the BMC boys don't exist. Who are the team riders? Where can you find information? I dunno.

... and this is just a local nor-cali race. Why so much diplayed emotion?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

both good points, anony.


and Ron - i may be up Hood SR way, but i know the other BBs will be hittin' the EMC plaza.

cuz' if you got road closure on that finishing straight? that's pretty cool. that last turn was a bit hairy, i recall.

didn't matter much last year, though. Bosch didn't get gapped enough when i tried to fly away from him in the geezer race, and Briggs had plenty of room to dispose of us all in the prosey pooper break.

Kevin said...

Cloterium prize list.

1st $900
2nd $450

If the story is true, the kid basically "stole" $450 out of Sayer's pocket.

I'd say that's worth getting pissed off over...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

is $450 worth making yourself look like an asshole?

i doubt it was about the money. but, if it was ... maybe that's just plain worse.


i'm biased. after seeing Sayers ride around Sacto with no helmet, yelling at motorists during the river ride ... i've never given him much bene' of the doubt.

no reason to start now, far as i can see.

movin' on.

Nome Agusta said...

Wait, did I miss something? Kevin said "stole". It was a bike race wasn't it? Did Taz steal from him at Cat's.
Did the dude cheat? I could see that as being referred to as stealing, but if he just plain go beat...join the club.

jAndy donka-donk said...

Come to hood......

always a fun time next to the river, and a great drive once you get out of nutSac....

Anonymous said...

Whether you like him or not, Sayers is right. We aren't out there racing for money. It's about honor and respect. You're only as good as your word, and others will respect you if you race your ass off and give it a shot. Anybody could have said that, it just happened to be Sayers.
BPG might be winning some races, but at what cost.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Anonymous said...

Ok. Since you are going to comment on a race you were not are the facts...I can accept that the BPG (or whatere) guys like to get 3 guys in a break and then all sit on and say they don't want to work with me, but this kid came to me after I hit him with 3 laps to go and said the race was mine if I pulled through which I did. Then he sprinted. It is a matter of honor. I have never given up and then changed my mind because now I get to sit on. He said it so he should honor it. That is the pro code. That is why I am so pissed.

By the way, I don't always wear my helmet which is true, but I don't yell at cars since I am on the road twice as much as most guys.

jAndy donka-donk said...

MS, thanks for the response and for putting a name to the words.

As for the rest, I wasn't there. But wish you would have had more of an educational chat with our rider showing more "honor" with your "honor code" than starting an ugly public discussion (that still hasn't died). You acknowledged that he was a new rider, and I am sure someone had to explain the "pro code" rules to you 13 years ago.

Do you remember those days? Was it a similar situation?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sayers - wear a helmet, shut yer trap, take a beer from me when you're at the next local yokel race.


yeah, yeah, yeah - ok, the kid pulled a dipshit move. ok, you're completely justified in buggering him a new one.

but damn, you show 'nuff need to work on your shittalk.

"i can accept that the BPG (or whatere) guys like to get 3 guys in a break and then all sit on and say they don't want to work with me"

come'on, that's cat4 shittalk if i ever heard it. there's SO much more color and spit that one can toss at those boys.

i thought you were pro?

blah, blah, blah ... anyway, this topic lost its legs. time to move onto something a little mo' timely-er trashy-er.

but thanks for showing us the pro code. we'll shine it up pretty and reflect it back on your image.

Anonymous said...

helmetless-Sayer = future drooling veggie

Anonymous said...

"i can accept that the BPG (or whatere) guys like to get 3 guys in a break and then all sit on and say they don't want to work with me"

come'on, that's cat4 shittalk if i ever heard it. there's SO much more color and spit that one can toss at those boys.

shitalk? this is straight up fact. I was in alot of moves, including the one Mike is mentioning,and had been in what became the winning one. and that's all they would do. all day. what comes around goes around.

I'd be looking to get my pound of flesh too...

Chico Cyclist said...

I'm still laughing at McKinley's comment! That's classic!!!

Jeremy T. Arnold said...

Wow, when I said "Beware the Havoc" I didn't mean in print form. That's straight up Curt Schilling-style by Sayers. NICE!!!Does BMC have a Communications Director? Good drama in NorCal. Kinda miss it out here in CO with the real fast guys. Ooops, my bad.

Sadly, if I actually disliked the helmet-less, I probably wouldn't last one group ride without an incident. Don't hate - educate.

I wear a helmet and yell at cars all the time. Especially when I lived in the Bay Area. Does that make me a bad guy? When justified, yelling at cars is actually a good thing. Most drivers need that wake-up call but riding sans helmet is never justifiable. Just vain. Maybe more words need to be dispensed on this topic.

Have Brain...Wear Helmet.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Good drama in NorCal. Kinda miss it out here in CO with the real fast guys. Ooops, my bad.

at least Jeremy knows how to do some shit talkin', yeah baby!

[/end shittalk]

i'm not one to enforce rules for helmet use. personally, i think it should be a choice. a choice based on sound reasoning and realization of consequences.

you see, when super-pro mcLookeySharp rides up, all sexy-fied and gorgeous in his/her paid for kit and spankling new fresh-prince bicycle ... some 10 year-old is gonna see that.

some kiddie bike rider is gonna see that and want to emulate ... without understanding the consequences.

but, once you see the brainpan opened up, you know the consequences.

and so, of course i'm confident enough in my own riding to know i don't need to wear a helmet all the time. however, i also know that some kid who sees me without it SHOULD be wearing a helmet all the time.

i don't want to be a role model ... that's not what i'm talking about. What i'm talking about is that i don't want to CAUSE some kid to think it's cool to not wear a helmet, and then not wear one, and then get his bucket emptied in a 12mph crash on the curb in front of the house.

It's taking responsibility for the consequences of my actions ... that's why i wear a helmet.

And related to this original mini-rant on the behavior of Sayers ~ Sayers, a pro of local-legendary-lore, goes off and busts a lung chewing another rider out in front of god and all the squirrels. Now some young kid, or maybe another bunch of riders watching the race, see this behavior and think this is how the cool people act.

Well, no ... that's not how the cool people act, in my book. The cool people realize that it's just a bike race and that this kid who punked it for a win deserves to be told that shit ain't right. You do it professionaly, cooly, maturely.

THAT'S being pro.

That's understanding the consequences of your actions and taking responsibility for them. Do we all blow up in the moment? Hell yes. This is a sport for passion and screaming demons.

But, those flitter out once the checkered flag falls still. The racing is over, and so empty the passions. Once the finish line hits, we're all just yahoos in spandex playing big wheels.

So, chill - step back, and quit taking it so fucking seriously.

[/begin shittalk]

General Briggs is a total pretty boy pansy ass! Sayers stuffs his shorts to act big! Uthman the fourth got his lil' weewee circumsized by the grown-ups!

hernando is a prissy punk prat.

see ... that's how it works, yo.

bring the game up, beeyotch!

Kevin said...

I'm using the term loosely, but when you tell somebody you won't sprint because you know that they will drop your sorry ass otherwise and then you sprint... Then yes you are "stealing". You took the money by being dishonest.

If you get into a break and sit on the whole time and win that is fine if the others will let you. As long as you did NOT agree to not sprint...

Nobody says that you have to pull in a break, but if you make an agreement and then break it, you're a dick head.

Dan Martin didn't "steal" anything he raced smart and won a great race.

If the story is correct on Cloterium, then this guy did "steal" from Sayers.

And it's not "just bike racing" for Sayers. Racing his bike is how he makes his living. It's how he feeds his family. That's a lot more serious than some masters racer who makes $100k a year getting dinged for $20 in some podunk race.

People who do stuff like that need to realize that while it is hard to win races it is relatively easy to make others lose races. You don't want people holding a grudge against you.

And all this has nothing to do with the "pro code". It does have everything to do with honesty and integrity.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that the kid did something shitty is not at issue, is it Kev?

it's HOW we deal with it that is ~ n'est pas?

there's more to being professional than just riding a bike quicker than the rest.

or, as i was told early on and didn't learn until entirely too late ... just because you can ride a bike fast, doesn't mean you can be an asshole.

... oh wait, still learning that one.

Anonymous said...

Kevin's assessment is right on. The BPG guy is wrong and what he did shows he has no class or respect. Sayer's melt down on the BPG guy immediately after the finish line was justified. What is not justifiable is what the BPG guy did. The BPG guy knew and still knows what he did was wrong. Notwithstanding, he made absolutely no effort to right is wrong. The BPG should simply asdmit he was wrong, apologize and switch prize money with Sayers. That would be classy, respectful and professional!