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Thursday, October 26, 2006

heart soars

while waiting for one more fukking revision from workturds ...

BrentyPoo gives us the good stuff.

7. Attitude: All attitudes are allowed, but don't have to be paid attention to and the federation's attitude can override yours.

... classic.


Anonymous said...

Bella Loca here - I'm writing to each member of the Board of Trustees to express my concerns about the proposals that will be voted on this weekend.

Contact info is here:

I'm writing about the "acrobatics" - the term is just too vague and the purpose for the regulation is unclear, and possibly takes away from the nature of the sport, in which a riders technical skill and decision making ability often determine the winner.

I'm also writing about the new definitions of "elite" riders that would restrict those athletes that compete in the Masters National Championships for Cyclocross, apparently as soon as this year.

If these guidelines went into effect, then I could race the Masters Championship event, but last years winner and runner up (Mo Bruno and Josie Beggs) would not be allowed to compete. If they are going to make restrictions, this is not the way to do it. I personally don't support restrictions, at least not in the women's championship events, since there are generally only a dozen of us in each age group for Master's Nats anyway.

Hope to see more of you writing in to the board!


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Loca rules.

Brent Chapman said...

USAC = Big Brother

George W Bush plans to take over as president of USAC when his presidential term is over.

Josie Beggs and Mo Bruno are WOMD, they must be stopped.